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Recession forced new breed of real estate professionals and marketing strategies

After the burst of the housing market bubble – an event that ultimately led to the financial collapse and the recession as a whole – a much less considered group of business professionals were left out in the cold: real estate agents.

With homes sales and values plummeting, many real estate agents were forced to accept meager pay or leave the industry altogether. However, the collapse also led to a new breed of agents – salesmen and women who began to embrace marketing techniques that were new to the industry, such as postcard campaigns, newsletters, brochures and even email initiatives in order to maximize their prospects.

"While many agents have left the business during the market downturn," says the Personal Marketing Company, "some agents have found an opportunity to reach more people through real estate postcards, real estate direct mail efforts, real estate marketing tips and other real estate marketing products."

As the economy begins to improve and home sales – however slowly – also begin to see gains, real estate agents will need to be on the top of their game in order to remain competitive.

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