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Reading Differences Between Print and Digital

At the heart of the debate between print media and new digital technologies is the question of which channel is most effective in helping readers retain information – this goes for news consumptions as much as it does marketing exposure.

Digital proponents argue that the speed and efficiency of the web is preferable to the slow and dated aspects of print. However, traditional advocates argue that precisely because of print's slower pace of consumption, it forces readers to retain more information.

According to the Economic Times, a recent French study supported this latter argument, finding it "easier to assimilate and retain information read in a newspaper than on an iPad."

"The … study also showed that newspaper readers were able to retain more of the information they read than iPad readers," the source reported. "Further analysis showed that the eyes linger longer on the paper than on the digital version; just 70 percent of participants recall an article read on an iPad, compared with 90 percent for paper."

Of course, this study applied more so to newspapers, but the same phenomenon could easily be applied to marketing strategies. Businesses should consider how their direct mail or print material are read or consumed and formulate their ideas around this.

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