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Rack Cards Make Offering Information Quick and Easy

When tourists, visitors or people who are generally confused about an area or building need information, they will likely find themselves drawn to a certain structure – the card rack. Rest stops, museums, train stations and airports all usually have one of these handy devices in plain sight so that folks who aren't sure of their surroundings can gather a little bit of information on the go.

Areas that have a lot of tourists, in particular, are great places for card racks to be placed. Lots of new business can be gathered by advertising on a card rack, and cards that present a good amount of information and present their organizations well will quickly be set aside to be checked out later by the discerning traveler or visitor.

A 4×9 inch rack card is a great way to market any kind of business or organization. Restaurants can include abbreviated menus and maps to their locations. Art galleries can show samples of the pieces that they currently have on display. Hotels and motels can showcase the comfort of their available rooms, while gift shops can include trivia about the area as well as a call to action for travelers to stop by and visit.  

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