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Quality and Design in Print Marketing

Few experts disagree that a comprehensive print marketing campaign is essential to an overall promotional and advertising strategy. But one of the more overlooked aspects of print media – and not only that used for marketing purposes – is the quality of the paper and printed products at hand.

Whether printing for clients or one's own promotional purposes, consistency in color, design and paper quality are all important in ensuring that the needs and satisfaction of customers are met.

"Creating an impact on your marketing is partly the result of a good output," writes printing expert Gary Peeling for "If the paper quality and print quality is not impressive, customers will not be able to effectively capture the message that you wish to give them."

It is also important to note how vision ties in with a marketer's overall message. In other words, the visual appeal of a letter, brochure, poster or direct mail item should reflect – by means of color schemes and design elements – the tone of the information at hand.

To that end, it may be wise to hire a graphic designer, whether it be via freelance or part-time gigs.

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