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QR code adoption continues in the U.S.

Recent advances in mobile technology have cleared the way for 2011 to be a year of mobile payment, social media integration and all sorts of new marketing innovations. But more importantly, the arrival of “quick response” codes in U.S. markets may be the bridge marketers have been looking for to connect the print and digital hemispheres.

Essentially, QR codes are hyper-efficient barcodes, as they allow for the storage and transmission of more information. But the real advantage is in how, when scanned or photographed by a smartphone, these features can bring up a specific website, promotional video or even a retail coupon. Additionally, these devices can be printed and placed on brochures, postcards, film posters, direct mail and really anything one could imagine.

“Using the codes, we are able to quantify the conversion rates of direct mail campaigns for our customers,” writes Ed Symbol for the Portland Press Herald. “QR codes allow people to connect the printed message on a newsletter or postcard to a digital message on a website or predesigned landing page, which can be especially effective with the younger, tech-savvy demographic.”

While many marketing gurus and professionals have been touting social media as the next wave of marketing, few anticipate a future where print is rendered obsolete. Accordingly, it has been a struggle for many businesses to merge their print and online idea. QR coding makes this possible.

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