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Putting Humanity Back Into Marketing

Even though developments in social media, mobile and web technologies have the power to isolate people behind their computer screens or smartphones, anonymously clicking away at the internet, people seem to be endlessly drawn to images and depictions of each other.

For example, a January survey by retail media specialist EYE found 47.8 percent of shoppers passing a poster with a face on it take a second look. Additionally, most consumers prefer to deal with people directly when shopping or seeking customer assistance.

"Psychological studies demonstrate that customers remember the first and last minutes of a service encounter much more vividly – and for much longer – than all the rest," writes Micah Solomon for Entrepreneur magazine. "The first and final elements of your customer interactions should be particularly well-engineered, because they are going to stick in the customer's memory."

So what does that mean for a business' marketing strategies, which are intended to reach consumers when and where the marketer is personally absent?

For one, it may mean incorporating more images of people in your brochures, posters or mailings. It may also mean optimizing on-site services through friendly attitudes and efficient operations. Ultimately, businesses should try to put themselves in their customers' shoes and reflect on how they would approach a specific request or consumer need.

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