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Printing Professionals to Gather at UV Print Conference

Professionals in the printing and graphic arts industries will gather at the Print UV Conference in Las Vegas from March 6-9. The focus of the meeting will be to learn about the latest developments and innovations in UV printing – a new technology that uses ultraviolet light to instantly dry specialized inks.

"The benefits of UV printing include rapid drying time, more vibrant colors, greater choice in substrates and increased health and safety for press operators and the environment," writes Richard Romano for the printing industry website "UV-printed materials can also be fully recyclable."

The purpose of the Las Vegas meeting will be to share the latest information, strategies, techniques and new technologies relating to UV printing. It will also focus on more practical uses for UV printing, such as how to effectively market and advertise UV materials.

Recent declines in print media revenue and circulation, as well as advances in digital and online technologies has cast something of a gloomy light over the printing industry – a trend that will also be under scrutiny at the convention, as many industry experts are beginning to foresee recovery and expansion for the market.

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