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Printing in the digital world

As eReader sales skyrocket and newspapers shift their medium to the internet, print digitization has become a pressing issue. According to Seth Kahan at Fast Company, the U.S. print industry is valued between $140 billion and $150 billion dollars. With so much capital allotted, it is important to stay updated on print industry news and trends.

One of the trends currently affecting the print industry is globalization. Print sites and commercial printers are on the decline as American companies expand into foreign markets, increasingly relying on web-based communication as a more efficient means of contact.

But declining print sales does not signify industry-wide doom. “There (is) a tendency for observers to overestimate the short term effects of going digital and underestimate the long term impacts,” writes Tim Jackson of “It took ten years for album sales to halve, and it could take longer for digital to have the same impact in the book world.”

There is even more to be debated about the ecological impact of print versus digital. Seth Kahan points out, “Sometimes printing on 100% recycled paper requires more energy, having more impact on the environment than printing on paper with a smaller percentage of recycling.”

With so many disparate viewpoints, print companies as well as print users should remain informed so as to utilize the best methods their industry can offer.

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