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Printing Brochures to Promote Peace

The University Art Museum's latest exhibit, "Peace Press Graphics 1967-1987: Art in the Pursuit of Social Change," hopes to illustrate the propaganda tools commonly used to foment the voice of change. The exhibit aims to honor Peace Press, which helped the voices of many progressive groups be heard through the use of printed marketing materials.

The exhibit will showcase 100 posters and other printed materials such as magazines, books, stickers and brochures, the Daily 49er reported. The printed materials will show how fine art and propaganda can easily be blended into one piece, thus creating a message that reaches a wider audience.

In a more modern day effort to promote peace, the South Canterbury District Health Board is having brochures printed for staff members in an effort to combat bullying. After 33 percent of the health board staff reported witnessing bullying in the last 12 months, a group called Making a Difference has been assigned the task of making posters and brochures to let staff know what they can do in the event they are being bullied or witness someone else being bullied.

The brochures are easily distributed and contain lots of information, thus the board will be able to create awareness without overwhelming staff with too much material, Stuff reported. Because staff members can be bullied by other employees or patients themselves, the board felt it was important that workers understand their options and felt supported.

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