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Printed Materials Allow Companies and Individuals to Create Their Own Designs

Groups looking to market themselves in unique ways often turn to printed materials. Flyers, brochures, posters and door hangers give marketers the opportunity to appeal to customers' appreciation of physical objects that they can touch. The feel of paper in one's hand is becoming much less common than it was in the past, so using advertising that isn't just seen on a computer monitor or television screen can make a big impact.

However, another advantage that printed materials confer is that the images and text that they share are fully customizable. In fact, organizations such as Next Day Flyers can receive designs that have been uploaded to their website and transform them into the perfect printed material with a turnaround of as little as a day. Booklets and other printed marketing items often have trouble competing with the rapid-fire delivery of the internet or cable. With such a fast production process, that speed advantage becomes negligible.

Design firms and event planners are particularly vulnerable to the slow turnaround that most traditional marketing materials require. Yet with a savvy design and a quick printing method, these types of companies and professionals can break free from the constraints that their ever-changing industries impose on them. Start designing a postcard or flyer and send it off to be printed today.  

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