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Printed Letterheads Make Art Applications Stand Out

These days, there's quite a bit of bureaucracy to go through just to become a successful artist. On top of the years of art school and the residencies that are required to prove to institutions that one is a legitimate painter or photographer, artists are required to submit lengthy applications to galleries, work spaces, collaboratives and museums just to get an interview – and this is more than likely all on top of a day job.

As a result, creative types need to set themselves apart somehow. Given all of the letters of intent and recommendations that must be submitted, it seems that one of the best ways to stand out is to use a custom printed letterhead. A full collection of 8.5×11 inch pages that have been imprinted with an eye-catching design will immediately leap out from a pile of thousands that admissions officers and gallery owners must sift through.

On top of how eye-catching they are, printed letterheads are also a way for artists to demonstrate their talents well before samples of their work are even viewed. Painters can create colorful designs that demonstrate how adept they are at using color, while photographers can show small panoramic samples of some of their favorite pictures. No matter what the occasion, 8.5×11 inch printed letterheads are a great way to be even more of an individual among thousands.  

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