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Print media ad revenue continues to decline, but others see advantage as a disruptive market

Ad revenue, the most prevailing challenge to the print media industry continues to show few signs of giving in, as a recent report from the Newspaper Association of America shows the industry's print and online ad revenue for the third quarter to have fallen 5.4 percent.

The figures mark the 15th consecutive plunge in quarterly revenue. However, the rates of decline have slowed, as the third quarter drop signifies the smallest decline since the beginning of the recession.

Still, print media is not expected to disappear entirely, as a niche consumer base still views the tactile readability of print as a perk that cannot be matched by online media. Accordingly, many small businesses are beginning to view print as the new disruptive medium in a web-dominated market.

One web design agency, Zolv, is actually reversing the usual trend of data transfer from print to digital, as it begins to implement new web-to-print marketing technologies.

"We are starting to look at the print side of things. If you look at a short digital print run you can actually link that back to the web technology," Jonathan Greensted, business development director for Zolv, told Travolution. "Rather than taking a print CRM and moving it to the web we are actually doing the reverse."

"Offline now is becoming a bit of a disruptive technology as more people are moving online," he added. "People are getting delighted by the fact that they are receiving something through the post."

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