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Print Marketing Used to Promote Wellness and Fitness

The key to a successful chiropractic practice lies in attracting new patients and retaining existing patients. Because funds may be tight in a private practice, many chiropractors are looking to alternative ways to reach customers and connect with old ones.

In a recent contributing post on Chiropractic Economics, Nicole L. Ingrando, founder of North Orlando Spine Center, said being in the health and wellness field provides chiropractors with a variety of alternative means to reach consumers. The practice could donate free services such as a charitable raffle item[, o]r host a blood drive. Or chiropractors could set up meetings with large companies to demonstrate the techniques and benefits of the treatment in person.

Ingrando also noted it is important for local practices to reach customers within a specific geographical area, which makes print marketing ideal. Sending marketing materials, such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets and postcards, through the mail can help chiropractors market their business to specific residents in the community. Each iteml can have an eye-catching graphic and informative content to get the consumer's attention and engage them in the service.

Another example of a health-related business finding success with print marketing can be seen in the efforts made by World Taekwondo Academy in St. Michael, Minnesota. The martial arts school reached out to local consumers in the community with flyers at a parade and direct mail postcards, the St. Michael Patch reported. Each material described the school and what it has to offer members. After the initial print materials were sent out, the school received a strong enough response that further marketing was not needed.

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