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Print Marketing Still Valuable and Efficient reported that PrintMarketing, a provider of marketing tools, uses direct mail for customer retention complementary to television and online tactics.

Eric Ross, founder and president of PrintMarketing, told that printing in terms of direct mail marketing is never the final destination for his clients, but rather a continuation of other marketing strategies in place. Ross still finds print marketing valuable as it produces measurable results and can be adapted easily to fit companies' specific needs and audiences.

Ross has found a balanced strategy where the printed product drives the customers toward the brand, and the data segmentation and interpretation helps the company identify certain types of consumers to then receive more personalized marketing messages.

An example of utilizing technology to acquire the best content for a marketing strategy is The Bangor Daily News. The newspaper transitioned to a single, open-sourced and cloud-based system combining all information for both print and online activity. The news source found that simplifying the technology used increased efficiency and produced stronger results.

The newspaper would transfer stories from Google Docs to WordPress. Then the story was edited and published online and a headline was produced. Finally, the story appears in inDesign for the final changes before going to print. 

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