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Print marketing still important for small businesses

According to ITBusiness, outsourcing to a print shop is a budget-friendly way to making a strong real-world first impression on consumers.

The news source found three print materials to be essential to the marketing strategy of any small business: business cards, brochures and letterhead/stationary. Business cards are the best non-digital way to exchange information, and they instantly provide professional credibility. Brochures can hold a large amount of information and graphics in a small, efficient marketing tool. And a hand written letter or note on customized stationary makes a lasting impression on consumers said ITbusiness.

Also, created five tips for print marketing using QR codes. First, the company must focus on the where they want their QR codes to be in order to hit their target audience, such as Facebook, mobile website or a mobile coupon.

Companies must also clarify what the consumer must do in order to utilize the QR code, and make sure that there is consistency between the location of the QR code and where it will take the consumer, for example a mobile coupon should lead to a mobile website. Finally, marketers should create unique codes for tracking and reporting purposes, and the QR codes should be found on many paths and have optional opt-in features for the consumer.

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