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Print marketing for the small business startup

When small businesses begin to grow, owners may become overly excited about their success and lose sight of the needs of the company. More often than not, this is the time when small businesses need the most attention, mainly because of the level of publicity that startups require.

Print marketing materials are often the best option for small businesses, as they have the greatest potential for contact with random consumers on the street, in their cars or at their local cafe. Online marketing, although effective in its own right, is less conducive for the kinds of blanket promotional initiatives that small businesses require.

Whether you're using brochures, postcard or flyers, there are certain factors marketers should consider before launching their campaign. For one, simplicity is king. If a booklet or print flyer is overloaded with text or even graphically overwhelming, consumers will be immediately turned off.

"Don’t overcomplicate the advert – if it looks cluttered people won’t even attempt to understand what it’s about, they’ll simply turn over the page," suggests the website Marketing Minefield. "Use one picture or image as opposed to many."

Use print materials to entice consumers and to convince them to visit your website or store, then reserve the more detailed information for once they're hooked. If the advent of web, social media and mobile marketing has shown us anything, it is that the new role of print is about minimalism.

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