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Print Marketing Basics for New Businesses

It's no secret that newly filed businesses have a lot on their plate. From inception to the first sale, owners are swamped with decisions, numbers, vying interests and bureaucratic procedures, but on top of all that, the need to effectively market the new business' products or services may trump all else, because without brand awareness, what is there?

At this early stage, print may be the most useful marketing method. Unlike the web – where anyone can post anything for free, effectively eliciting an unprofessional appeal – print proves that the business in question is serious, confident and is willing to make a substantial investment in the consumer.

"Brochures, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements and hoardings have been a common way for companies to catch their customers' attention," writes graphic design firm LONO in a statement. "But it is necessary for companies to think out of the box and use their creative abilities fully to really make an impression on the dynamic market."

However, this should not rule out web-based marketing entirely. In this day and age, businesses cannot get by without some sort of web presence, the very least of which should be a Facebook page.

But also consider creative direct mail campaigns, email, posters (for local retailers) and brochures, as all these channels combined can help get your new company off the ground.

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