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Print creates prospects and digital turns them into customers

As ubiquitous as web and digital media is – with e-readers and smartphones and laptops and microblogging – there are very few people who prefer these mediums over print. Something about the soft, visual complaisance of print media offers a degree of manageability and focus that online material inherently lacks.

That being said, contemporary marketing initiatives should utilize print alongside online mediums. But with the availability of digital material, many marketers have struggled in recent years to determine exactly what role print should play in their campaigns.

With printing prices naturally higher than posting text on a blog or social network, many print marketers have cut back on the textual or informational length of their booklets and brochures.

Consequently, shorter devices such as pamphlets, postcards and booklets have grown in popularity. These materials will usually serve to pique the interest of consumers and turn them into prospects, while the online mediums will convert prospects into customers. Print formats should, therefore, embrace basic design elements to attract attention and convey a message.

As points out: "Though form and function does not necessarily improve the content of your message, it can improve the ease with which it is accessed – and design can effect how well it is understood."

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