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Print campaign proves huge success for Texas Motor Speedway

Eddie Gossage, president of the Texas Motor Speedway, says he likes to doodle for inspiration. More recently, he developed an idea for a print-focused marketing campaign that features little more than hot rods with flames and women dressed in minimal garb.

As trite as the "No Limits" campaign may seem, it has proven to be quite a success. Since its initiation, the speedway has seen season ticket renewals rise to more than 80 percent, beating the speedway's previous record.

"That's quite strong," Gossage told Sporting News. "We finally found something that moves the needle a bit, and that's what we're always looking for."

The campaign featured spots on 15 area billboards and also included web promotions, poster-sized calendars and print advertisements.

Although the campaign has successfully reached season ticket holders, it has not garnered significant regular sales increases. However, Gossage stated that the aim of the initiative was to sell season tickets. The speedway will soon launch a number of events and promotions free to members with season tickets.

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