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Print brochure campaign a success for Huntington College

Although print marketing is an effective way to reach an audience, it can be inefficient if done incorrectly. Huntington College recognized this problem in its brochure marketing campaign. The school’s brochures were lengthy and overwhelming – as they are at most educational institutions that offer a range of studies. This made it difficult to isolate and target a prospective student’s personal educational ambitions.

To tackle the problem, Huntington College launched a make-your-own-brochure campaign aimed at providing prospective students with customized graphic information about the school. It begins when visitors to the school’s website opt to fill out a few questions about their educational goals and interests. They are then sent a full-color PDF brochure complete with information about their intended studies, hobbies and extracurricular interests. An identical print brochure is then sent by mail to the prospective student.

In regards to the print follow-up, VP of Admissions at Huntington College Jeff Berggren explained to, “It's a nice, tactile reinforcement. When it shows up in their mailbox, they may have forgotten about the PDF. So we get the immediacy of the PDF response and the value-ad of the print piece.”

The campaign was a success, as 9 percent of prospective students who requested a brochure ended up applying to the institution, with half of that number declaring their intent to enroll. It also highlights the importance of finding unique and creative ways to market a business.

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