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PRIMIR Releases Overview of Printing Business

The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization released a report Friday, producing an image of a strong print market with specific promise in the areas of direct mail, catalogs, flyers and inserts.

According to the report, direct mail remains one of the most central components of a healthy cross-channel marketing strategy, despite having noted declines in recent years as businesses and consumers began opting for digital alternatives.

"Direct mail is the largest direct marketing channel in North America," the report reads. "Although the decline has been precipitous, direct mail’s standing in the marketing mix remains strong."

"Direct mail volume stabilized in 2010 and will return to positive and more modest growth, although it will be years before it reaches its prior peak," it added.

Additionally, the report noted the continued importance of catalogs for both businesses and consumers, claiming that their role has shifted from a direct response device to that of a tool to drive prospects to companies' websites.

Finally, the report notes the significance of flyers and inserts included in newspapers, pointing out how inexpensive they usually are to print, especially as the economy slowly emerges from a three-year downturn.

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