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Presenting As an Interior Designer With Printed Materials

Interior designers, like most artists, can benefit greatly through the use of printed materials. Brochures, flyers and booklets are all excellent ways for an interior designer to showcase his work in a tasteful manner and present it the way he wishes it to be seen.

Booklets are a good way to showcase a body of work and a history of quality design. The many pages of an 8.5 x 11 2-panel booklet can be filled with projects that indicate a varied style or a consistent vision and will convince potential clients that their design wishes will be fulfilled by a particular designer.

Flyers, on the other hand, are useful for quickly broadcasting one's name and a brief sample of one's work. It may not have the length and detail of a booklet, but a 1/4 page flyer on 14 pt. ultra-thick stock is easy to produce and makes a quick impact that will put a designer on future clients' radars.

Brochures lay somewhere between these two items but can be successful in their own right. Brochures are useful at trade shows, gallery showings or industry meetings where professionals are faced with a great deal of information. At such events, a flyer would provide too little information, while a booklet would give too much to read in a timely fashion. An 8.5 x 14 4-panel brochure is perfect to quickly peruse but can be read in detail if the information inside seems intriguing.  

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