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Posters offer the broadest range of style

Posters are one of the most versatile styles of print design. In terms of sheer marketing effect, a well-made poster is unrivalled in its ability to turn heads and elicit thought. For printers, designers and marketers looking to add a poster to their resumes, it is important to have an understanding of the different styles involved.

An advertising poster promotes a business’ products or services. One of the most common poster types, advertising posters are becoming increasingly simple and design-oriented, as the majority of text-laden advertising copy is found online. An advertising poster should attempt to spark curiosity, and not necessarily inform. Leave the information for websites and brochures.

Political and propaganda posters may sound like ways of old, but, particularly during election seasons, these posters are alive and effective – if merely in different ways. The infamous Barack Obama “Hope” poster is a good example of a simple political message being delivered through a political poster. Nonetheless, these posters are not reserved for governmental purposes. Companies and large corporations can use these to promote internal procedures.

Subject posters offer a broader range of potential material, but are usually be understood as being more so about room or spacial decoration. Band, film and humor posters are typical examples of this category. They are less about marketing a certain idea or product and more about entertaining or filling a space. Still, they rely entirely on design for their effect and their ability to sell.

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