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Postcards Can Save Marketers Money While Targeting Key Consumers

Direct marketing has been abandoned by many marketers, who now rely mainly on social media and email blasts to reach all consumers. But marketers who have remained loyal to traditional direct marketing tools, such as postcards, continue to experience success and savings in the process.

In a piece written for InsuranceNewsNet Magazine, insurance salesman Brett Kitchen said he was able to create a 10.3 percent response rate through a marketing campaign based on postcard distribution. According to Kitchen, developing strong copy and playing into people's emotions can make any postcard an effective marketing tool.

Searching for consumers to purchase annuities, Kitchen knew that online campaigns would not reach the majority of the target audience. Rather, he started with cold-calling, which eventually hit a dead end. Finally, he decided to develop a postcard campaign that would engage the consumer while offering helpful information.

"There's nothing like a flood of inbound calls generated by cheap postcards," Kitchen reflected.

A car repair shop owner in Columbia, Missouri, also had a successful experience working with postcard mailers. Bill Buccheit told Chief Marketer that through distributing 12,000 postcards to car owners in a three-mile radius of the shop his business has tripled. The postcards provided consumers with information on the shop as well as offered them discounts on many products or services. 

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