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Postcards and holiday greetings are nostalgic instruments of communication

Postcards and holiday greeting cards share a lot in common. For one, they both serve to connect friends and relatives over a distance. They also offer an element of visual appeal – be it a scenic image of a vacation spot or a photograph of the kids.

But now, with the ubiquity of email, social media and smartphones, postcards and greeting cards have taken on a new nostalgic appeal – one where the original intent of corresponding with loved ones is replaced by a longing for simpler means of communicating in an increasingly digital world.

According to Hallmark cards, U.S. consumers are expected to send 1.5 billion greeting cards this holiday season. But more important is the reason consumers send the cards, as three-fourths claim the feeling of receiving greetings from friends and family is the main reason they send them to others.

Others have similar feelings toward postcards – an old-fashioned method of communication that has found a safe home among collectors and hobbyists. Singer and Huffington Post contributor Jimmy Demers represents another class of fans who merely enjoy the traditional use of the postage system, with postcards representing a uniquely personal medium.

"As the world evolves and technology grows, there are certain things I find hard to let go of," he writes. "Yet whenever I travel, be it near or far, I still hold on to a thing of the past, I send postcards."

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