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Postcard Portfolio Winners

A few months ago, we ran a Postcard Portfolio Giveaway. The prize of 100 custom postcard portfolios was given-away each day for 30 days to artists and creative professionals. Each portfolio consisted of 10 custom printed 4×6 postcards that were collated and bound with a Chicago Bolt.

This neat little portfolio product proved to be a popular prize for our customers and we received hundreds of entries. Although this competition was judged completely randomly, we were incredibly impressed with the quality of work from our lucky winners.

Here are 4 of our favorites:

1. Benrei Huang

Benrei Huang is a painter, writer and a book illustrator from New York. Her amazing work has appeared in numerous books and in galleries in Taiwan and New York. Her distinct pastel-colored style goes way beyond the bunnies that inhabit her world. These wonderfully surreal artworks speak of love, fear, loneliness, and happiness. We think her amazing work looks fantastic on our postcard portfolios. See more of her amazing artwork at

2. Daryl Alexsy

Daryl Alexsy was born in Dearborn, Michigan but she currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Her stunning pen and ink landscapes reflect the stark industrial beauty of Germany and the modern world. We love her artwork at NextDayFlyers and we are in absolute awe of her amazing style and technique. Please visit her work at

3. Anthony Affinati

Anthony Affinati is a talented graphic designer from Evanston, Illinois. As well as creating logos, flyers, and packaging, he has also created his own line of clothing called “Munkee” that expresses his clean and cool graphical style. We are very impressed with his work at NextDayFlyers – his postcard portfolios look great! See his work at:

4. Matt Babcock

Matt Babcock is a sculptor from Seattle, Washington. He uses simple materials to create complex and beautiful structures that cast even more complex shadows. Drawing inspiration from nature, he turns steel, metal, and silicone into seemingly living organisms and creatures. We love Matt’s work and we are very pleased that he chose to put it in a postcard portfolio. See his work at:

We have all kinds of standard booklets, flyers and folded products to help you display your art in print. And if you’d like to see your work on a specialized product, such as postcard portfolios, special-sized booklets, and die-cut shapes, then contact us at 855-898-9870 or use our custom quote tool to tell us about the special print product you’d like to create for your artwork or portfolio.

We love the work of our customers and we love to share it with the world! If you would like to show us your flyers, photographs, artwork, web designs or any other creative work, we want to see it. Complete our quick survey and get your work seen.

2 thoughts on “Postcard Portfolio Winners

  1. These are some creative flyers; it’s always a pleasure looking over the fun designs people come up with. I like the bunny one at the very top.

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