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Postcard Pet Project raises food and money for local animal shelters

Nikki Moustaki, a pet enthusiast and writer from south Florida, has launched a postcard project aimed at providing homeless pets and animals with food. The Pet Postcard Project has been in operation for three years and has raised more than 90,000 pounds of food for various animal shelters around the country.

For every photo or postcard of an owner’s pet that is sent to Nikki, a participating pet food company will pledge to donate a certain amount of food to a local shelter.

“I had the idea for The Pet Postcard Project a few years ago when I was training dogs nearly full time,” writes Nikki on the project’s blog. “I wanted to find a fun and creative way to help feed and fund shelter animals.”

To date, the project has helped raise $18,000 in funds for animal shelters. Nikki has appeared on numerous television shows promoting the initiative. In addition, Ellen Degeneres’ company, Halo, has promised to donate 5,000 meals to the Miami-Dade Animal Services shelter if Nikki can generate 1,000 postcards.

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