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Postal Service Launches ‘Every Door Direct Mail’ Program

In an effort to further boost direct mail revenue, the U.S. Postal Service has launched a new campaign that allows businesses to efficiently contact local businesses without having to rent or purchase mailing lists.

The program, called Every Door Direct Mail, relies on delivery-route data to reach targets in specific geographic regions, permitting direct mail senders to address mailings simply as "Postal Customer," "Residential Customer" or "PO Boxholder."

"Every Door Direct Mail is ideal for restaurants, doctors' offices, hair salons – or any kind of local business that is not currently using the mail," said Paul Vogel, president and chief marketing/sales officer. "Direct mail has long been a proven advertising tool of choice of successful large businesses and Fortune 500 companies to promote products and drive sales. Now it's easier and less expensive for small businesses to grow using direct mail."

The USPS also recently launched the Mail Works Guarantee program, which promises to refund up to $250,000 in postage costs to participating businesses if their direct mail campaigns fail to meet certain expectations.

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