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Post Cards Offer Effective Means of Communication

While many people may have assumed the rise in digital communications would make print materials obsolete, post card printing continues to prove beneficial for marketers. Companies that effectively use printed postcards may be able to target audiences more effectively than if they relied on mass emails.

Postcards, as well as brochures, magazines, posters and flyers can be fully customized to meet a customer's specific requirements and preferences. Details such as size, color, design and paper material used can all affect how a brand is perceived and what image is sent to the consumer.

Postcards and other printed marketing materials are also a useful option for small businesses because they offer a guaranteed delivery, unlike emails and other digital communications that can be bounced or incorrectly sent due to a human error. The target audience will literally have the printed material placed in their hands through direct mail, avoiding the possibility of the message being sent to a SPAM folder or simply deleted before opening.

Direct mail initiatives can make consumers feel appreciated, present information in a eye-catching format and keep the brand on consumers' minds without bombarding their inboxes.  

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