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Pop-Up Display, Scratch-n-Sniff, and Wedding Inspiration

Print marketing materials must constantly evolve to stand out from the competition. One such tactic is a pop-up display kit that can be used for displays at conferences, exhibitions or anywhere consumers should be targeted.

These types of kits come with lighting, counter, graphics and case and make seminar set up quick and cheap. The designs can be personalized for promotions and branding, and use high quality printing so the eye catching message and graphics will not fade.

Another tactic that was recently tested by In Style magazine is a Scratch-n-Sniff section. In Style wants to have smells associated with their annual 101 Reasons to Smile This Summer edition. According to, Editor of In Style Ariel Foxman said that the magazine has invested a lot of energy into digital, mobile and social platforms but only through print can you smell what you are reading about.

And while wedding invitations are not technically marketing materials, brides and grooms tend to spend extra time finding that perfect invite that both encapsulates their personalities as well as entices their guests to come celebrate with them- much like advertisements. has picked eight new design tips to make any print material unique and eye catching including the use of bright and bold colors, using a square rather than a rectangle,
adding unique, bold graphics, trying a vintage design for elegance and choosing bubble fonts.  

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