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Political Marketers Looking to Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Direct marketing and mail campaigns have held a long tradition in political elections. Historically, campaigns were announced, discussed and branded through the use of direct mail. Today, many politicians and campaign teams are continuing to use traditional media and direct mail to share information and create awareness of candidates and issues, while incorporating newer interactive technologies as well.

In an interview with Direct Marketing News, Julian Kingston, COO of Political Data, said direct mail and traditional media will continue to play key roles in elections.

“There is a simple reason for this – older people are much more likely to vote, and they tend to be more connected to traditional media,” Kingston told the news source.

But younger voters turned out in record numbers for the 2008 presidential election, and if a candidate hopes to harness that less politically active demographic again they must incorporate a digital aspect to the direct marketing campaign. Cami Zimmer, president of Campaign Touch, told the news source that direct mail should be one of many marketing options used in a campaign. According to Zimmer, there is little to no added expense to incorporate links to websites and social media pages on direct mail – a tactic that could bridge the offline and online worlds.

Another major tool being used by political marketers is the donor database. Brian Berg, president of BB Direct, said turning a donor mailing list into a multichannel database can increase campaign funds and raise awareness. In one database, campaigns can track direct mail communication with donors, measure successful fundraising efforts and retain digital information like social media communications.

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