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Planning your graphic design for the holidays

For marketing professionals, the holidays mean amping up their game to take advantage of the astronomical level of consumer activity that comes along with this time of year. A recent study by comScore reported that total online sales for Cyber Monday reached more than $1 billion – the heaviest level of online spending in history.

With such high consumer activity, marketers need to maximize their company exposure, and one of the best tools at their disposal is graphic design.

Whether designing an online advertisement, an email promotion or a billboard, marketers and graphic designers need to weigh their ambitions for the holiday season against their resources and their budget.

As most graphic design is created through software programs such as Photoshop or InDesign, planning a project is as important and as easy as ever before.

"Before you start working on your computer, it's a good idea to sketching out your ideas on paper," writes Paul Sweum for Biznik. "If you're hitting a wall, it's okay to borrow ideas and concepts from magazines that are to your liking – after all, those are the pros – and you can always find something slick to get you started."

For professionals without a graphic designer or an artistically-inclined staffer, there are also plenty of services that will cater to your graphic design needs – be they web design, advertising layouts or direct mail flyers and brochures.

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