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PIASC launches year-long ‘Choose Print’ campaign

The Print Industries Association Southern California launched a new print advocacy campaign last week that will aim to show consumers how important, reliable and renewable print media is in contemporary marketing, business, cultural and social issues.

PIASC's year-long "Choose Print" campaign will strive to "provide much-needed, facts-based education about print's credentials," the group commented. The campaign will also aim to bolster organizations' inclusion of print in their marketing budgets, while also generating more revenue for members.

Kicking off the initiative will be a monthly postcard campaign that will target more than 2,500 advertising agencies, graphic design firms and communications professionals in the group's serviced areas.

"The truth is," the organization wrote in a statement, "print is not only a powerful and extremely effective communication medium, it's also renewable, recyclable and sustainable. Print has a very strong story to tell, and PIASC's new 'Choose Print' campaign is designed to tell it."

While many analysts have decried the death of print, the industry is still very much alive and moving. What some have seen as decay, most business professionals see as a transition into a more digitized environment.

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