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Photobomb#12: 10 Good Examples of Photos using Selective Color Technique

Black and White photography can be an amazing way to let the viewer really experience the image. Lighting, shadow, composition and tones all becomes obvious and makes the photo come to life. But instead of just editing your photo to just black and white, try to use the technique called “Selective Coloring Technique” in Photoshop/Lightroom.

Selective coloring is a great technique to make your photographs come to life even more. This technique is usually done by turning your photos into a black and white image and with selected areas kept colorized. This is very useful when you want to draw the attention of viewer into a particular area in the image and not have any distractions with other content of the photograph.

In this post, I have collected 10 good examples that will hopefully inspire you to try selective coloring. These photos will show you how color and black and white can be a powerful combination to make your photos look vibrant and sharp. Enjoy and watch out for my next post next week as I give tips on how to achieve this technique.

Peacock by peppermint nightmare

Eagle Close-Up B&W by nikon66

Telephone in Selective Colour by milkinut

Trapped in Mime Town by Bssnst06

just take my soul… by emeraldiris

Echinacea by rj.brown

selective color hdr by linse_lus

pat (original photo by G_iG_i)

Eagle Owl by *mitchelikrog

Pencil Rainbow by purplerainistaken

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