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Photobomb #39: How to do this, how to do that, how to be the best you can be!

It’s a How-to and Tip blowout! Get it while the camera is hot! Manual focusing, iPhone panoramic, macro flowers, light meters, and Summer! Only here at the Photobomb!


Manual Focusing tips for the Auto Focus Generation by Zeiss


Make Sure Your Photo’s Background Doesn’t Detract From the Subject


How to Shoot Panoramic Photos on an iPhone


How to Make Your Photo Gadgets See-Through!


3 Surefire Ways to Get Eyes to Pop in Your Photography


How to Set Up a Lighting Studio for Macro Flower Photography


How to Use a Light Meter for Portraits



How To Shoot Portraits In Bright Sun


15 Reasons Why Your Portraits Still Look Like Snapshots


It’s Summer: Ten Things to Do to Boost Your Photography


How to Promote Yourself Without Promoting Yourself

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