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Photobomb #29: Travel Photos, Black & White, Fast Cameras

Welcome back to another Photobomb and another day full of tips, resources, tutorials and some good ol fashion inspiration to keep those memory cards full. This week we have improvements for your travel photos, black & white photos, keeping your equipment nice and your camera fast!

6 Ways to Capture More Unique Travel Photos


Quick Time-lapse Post Production with Adobe After Effects & Bridge




15 Tips for Stunning Black and White Photography


Blowin Stuff Up in Super Slo-mo With the Phantom

Simple Tips For Looking After Your Camera Equipment


How To Get Clients To Open, Read, and Enjoy Your Photography Email Promos


Have an Old Website/Portfolio Without an RSS Feed? Here’s A Quick Way to Get One!


A Simple Guide to the Acronym on Your Lenses


How To Create A Profitable Direct Mail Campaign


The Three Biggest Mistakes Amateur Photographers Make


100 Ways Adobe® Lightroom Kicks Adobe® Bridge’s A$$ for Photographers!


How to Make Your Camera Shoot Faster

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