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Photobomb #23: The World’s Largest Indoor Photo plus Lots More

A new world record has beeen set in the world of photography. The World’s Largest Indoor Photo is now at 40 Gigapixel’s. Wow. Here we are still dealing with 12 megapixels! Plus tips on starting your own photography business, finding your style as a photographer and getting 100 cameras for the price of 1 iPad. This week at the bomb… the Photobomb that is.

40 Gigapixel Record Set For World’s Largest Indoor Photo

100 Cameras in 1 for iPad


Starting your own photography business


How to Make Your Own Digital Photo Book

12 Ways To Use YouTube To Market Your Photography Business


How To Get Your Wedding Photos Published Editorially


The First Steps to Making Money with Photography


Free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing

Finding Your Style as a Photographer

17 Facebook pages for Photoshop lovers

Food Photography Tips from Author of Food Photography Book

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