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Photobomb #14: Food Photography, Getting Published, Lighting and Death

It’s a Photobomb mega-bomb this weeek! 17 ways to feel inspired, shoot better, edit with more confidence, work faster and even mourn the death of the photographic lightroom. It all can’t be unicorns and sunshine lollipops!

15 Food Photography Interviews

Studio in a Box

Hold Down the Shutter Release with an Eraser and Hair Tie

Seven MORE Things You Can Do Today To Find Photography Clients

20 Examples Of Low Angle Photography

The Price of Prints: Advice From Expert Printers

How To Get Photos Published In Magazines

The Dying Art of the Photographic Darkroom

Adobe Introduces Photoshop Express 1.5 for iOS

Improve Your Photographic Workflow

21 Photographs And Lighting Setups For Every Occasion

10 Tips and Tutorials for Winter Photography

Out of Bounds Effects Made Simple

Layer Masking Made Easy

Creating a Simple Shutter Release Cable From An Old PC Case

Fresh New Beautiful & Useful Free Textures to Add Flair to Your Photos

Tips for Extreme Winter Photography

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