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Personalizing Direct Mail and Focusing on the Customer

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distribute unsolicited marketing materials to consumers via direct mail.

While most experts agree that direct mail is extremely effective when leveraged correctly, the window of opportunity is narrowing, as consumers begin to transition more and more toward a digital environment.

Growing concern over the environment is one of the reasons why consumers are less willing to accept unpersonalized or indiscriminate mailings. What's more, studies have shown that targeted marketing – particularly when in regards to lead generation – is more effective than casting an "open net."

Still, your materials will have to engage consumers by offering visually enticing and relevant content – regardless of how personalized the message is.

"Whether it is a powerful image or irresistible offer, you have to give your recipients something that will engage them," Chris Bryan for Business 2 Community. "The key is to show your subscribers – at a glance – that they are getting something of value."

In developing such content, be confident in the product or service you are offering, but don't focus entirely on what you have to offer – because, ultimately, it's about the customer.

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