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People Are More Willing to Give Donations When Confronted by Printed Materials

Running a non-profit organization can be very hard work. Few charitable groups have nearly as much money as they would like, and what makes this even more difficult is the fact that they must often spend valuable time soliciting donations from the general public. That alone is a monumental task that has quite a low rate of success.

One way to rectify the situation is by presenting people with printed materials. Pamphlets and booklets have the advantage of providing information that can be re-read many times. This means that people who are given literature about a non-profit group will be likely to have continuous reminders of a charitable cause and may later feel inclined to donate.

If they do choose to make a donation at a later time or date, printed materials can offer detailed instructions about how they should go about doing so. Pamphlets, booklets and flyers can also direct people to websites, offices, physical addresses and phone numbers, which are all important to use when casting a wide net for donations. After all – older people generally do not use computers, while young people are not known for their facility with traditional mail.  

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