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20 Exciting Party Fonts You Need to Add to Your Club Flyers

Recently updated on January 19th, 2018 at 11:27 pm

Before you grab a keg and get this party started, you first have to get your event marketing on track. Those club flyers, party invitations and other print marketing are not going to design themselves. However, creating an effective flyer for your parties and events should not be a daunting task.

To help you get your designs underway, we’ve put together a list of 20 free party fonts that you can use to get your target hyped up for your event. These are not your typical old-fashioned party fonts from yesteryear. These 20 fonts are carefully handpicked by the marketing team at NextDayFlyers (with our designers’ approval!) to get the creativity flowing to your print materials.

Here are 20 party flyer fonts that you can download for free. Be sure to click the names or the images to check out the artist’s site and show your appreciation.

1. Farray


I did say these are not old-fashioned fonts but Farray is one of the many fonts out there that has the retro-futuristic feel. This font is clearly inspired by the Bauhaus art movement which makes it  perfect for your Bau-”house” parties. Moving on.

2. Arenq


This subtle but beautiful design just simmers with elegance. Arenq font is perfect for the finest soirées and events. Just take advantage of the minimalism of the typeface in your flyers.

3. Falling

free falling font

If you’re designing something for a dance, dub, house, electronica, EDM or other awesomely-cool club, then Falling is the best font for you. This geometric and futuristic font is made for your flyer’s headlines and content headings.

4. Borg

free borg_font

Borg clearly lives up to its name. The robotic feel of this font just makes me want to rave at a techno and EDM party.

5. Canter

free canter font

Canter is another one of those retro fonts that are so great that you can’t erase them from the design world. It’s ideal for titles and headlines for your flyers and posters.

 6. Blenda

free blenda font

Based on the popular Lobster font, Blenda is a font alternative that looks as cool as the original but with a stylish swish.

7. Aerovias Brazil

Aerovias Brasil free font

Aerodivias Brasil is a slightly retro-looking 50’s font that suggests excitement and adventure!

 8. Disco Diva

disco diva free font

Planning a retro party? This font has already got her groove on for a super retro 70’s vibe.

9. Party Hard

party hard font

There’s a block party and this font is at the center of it all! This font has a lot of flyer design potential that just might make it live up to its name.

10. Lazer Addiktz


The 80’s are back with this fun but totally rad font by genius UK designer Alan Cheetham.

11. Quasith


This font is perfect for those trancey and ethereal clubs with the awesome lights and even more awesome music.

12. Say it Fat

say it fat_font free

When you want a colossal party, “say it fat” with this awesome font.

13. Tribbon

tribbon free font

Tribbon is an uber-cool font that takes a little skill to use – after installing the 3 fonts, you have to then layer them in sequence on top of each other for the raddest font effect around. It does take a little bit of practice, but the effect is just too great to ignore.

14. Portal

free portal font

Make your party and club flyers the gateway to an awesome experience with Portal. This is the font that takes you into a whole new world of super-sweet party prints and designs.

15. Lot

free lot font

A whole lotta’ awesome if you ask me! The solid letters and the line breaks that form each gives a lot of design potential.

16. Clutchee


Clutchee maybe heavy but it is bags of fun and is surprisingly beautiful for a big font.

17. Fracmetrica Font

free fracmetrica font

It’s all excited, lively, and angular!  Just what you want in your list of party fonts. 

18. Modo

free modo font

Modo is another vintage-inspired font. But looking at how each letter connects to the next, this is one of the best designed fonts in our opinion. Definitely one of my favorites in this list.

19. Zero One Base Font

free zero base font

This font with its sculptural shapes is every bit as a molecular as its atomic inspiration. The font designer did great work on symmetry and design consistency that will definitely reflect on your own flyer design.

20. Glamor

free glamor font

With 24 font styles in this free font package, this is a sweet download. Especially considering it’s the consummate font for high-class cocktail bars and parties.


Want more fonts to download? Check out more of our font lists below:



 We hope you enjoyed our list of party fonts. If you’ve finished designing that epic party image to go with your event, check out our club flyers and invitations to start printing, and start the hype.

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