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Paper company releases brochure praising multichannel marketing initiatives

Coming off a year of enormous changes and transitions in the marketing world, an Ohio paper manufacturer has released a brochure touting the importance of integrated marketing initiatives in the increasingly digitized world.

NewPage's "Getting Personal" brochure is an educational pamphlet that points out the relevance of social media, search engine optimization, mobile, print and other mediums in maximizing a business' connective and publicity potential.

"Despite the continuing talk that print is losing relevance, Ed shows us in Getting Personal that print continues to remain one of the strongest means to deliver a message," says Steve DeVoe, vice president marketing for NewPage. "It's versatile and accessible to all, regardless of age or income, and still preferred among a large segment of consumers for receiving information."

In fact, print remains the largest portion of the world's overall marketing budget. However, a recent survey by MagnaGlobal projects that internet spending will surpass print by 2013, reaching $117 billion in global spending.

However, NewPage's message will remain pertinent for marketers of all business sizes, as most experts predict a future of integrated marketing campaigns.

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