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Cutting Edge Marketing: Using Custom DVDs and CDs

Creating a stand-out brand experience for your company is getting harder. The competition is worldwide and at the click of a mouse, potential customers can compare benefits, prices, and find out what kind of experience previous customers have had. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. This means it’s more important than ever to go that extra distance in your marketing. So, to create unique marketing tools to distribute to your clientele, here are some ideas for using custom CDs and DVDs.

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27 Modern Business Cards

When it comes to business cards, modern business cards are always in style. They project a cool, organized and professional feeling for your business or service and can leave a great first impression if designed and printed right. Below is a collection of some truly amazing modern business card designs from various designers showcased on CardObserver a gallery of business cards.

This modern business card inspiration post will help figure out the exact design style you are looking for, so you can create and then print your Business Cards. offers exceptional business card printing services and our top-notch printing facility is perfectly suited for printing the perfect modern cards.

Web Page Marketing: Getting Familiar with SEO and SEM Basics

Are you confused about SEO and SEM? There’s a lot to learn and even the terminology can be confusing. Here, we present the basics in terminology and process to help get you started. Often people will find your website by doing a search on a search engine – such as Google or Firefox.

No doubt you’ve done searches yourself by typing a word or words onto the search page and then looking at all those thousands of results. Because there are so many web pages on the Internet the goal is to get your site positioned toward the top of the search results list. So, how do you do this? With SEO and SEM.

Halloween Marketing Ideas: Go from Frightful to Delightful

There is no trick to deciding whether or not to market for Halloween. Halloween is a marketing scream coming in at a sweet 2.5 billion in sales, and candy is only around 1/3 of that.1 This means Halloween is second only to Christmas for generating income.

It’s the third largest party occasion (behind New Year’s and Super Bowl)1 and the 8th largest card-giving holiday.2 So, to take your Halloween campaign from frightful to delightful, here are some resources and Halloween ideas – our tips and treats to you.

Beyond Design – Chris Ayers

Chris is living proof that those cool, Hollywood stories really do come true sometimes. You’ve heard the story before; a dreamer packs all their worldly possessions into their car and drives west to Hollywood hoping to become an artistic star. And guess what? He did.

Chris has been doing artwork for as long as he can remember. One of his first entrepreneurial ventures was designing and selling an extensive line of greeting cards in grade school, which he aptly named, “Chris Cards.” Twelve years ago he studied art in college doing caricatures and other freelance gigs to help pay the bills. He now pays the bills creating character designs for big Hollywood movies such as Fantastic Four and X-men.

20 Awesome Business Card Designs All Between $1 to $4 Each – Great Designs!

If you don’t have the budget to pay a graphic designer to design a custom business card, you have other options. You can easily buy any one of the designs below, all for under $4! Then print with us and save tons of money