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30 Masterful Music Band Posters

When it comes to band promotion, band posters have stood the test of time and continue to be an important part of getting the word out about upcoming shows and events. Band poster design is truly an art in itself and many graphic designers specialize in poster designs for all types of musical professionals and bands.

They need to be very visually captivating, they must be able to stop viewers in their tracks, draw them in and then give them the information they need to get to the show! Its a lot to accomplish with one design, but designers do it and band posters often turn out to be some of the most creative print designs produced.

Happy Valentine’s Day! – 29 Tips for Successful Valentine’s Day Marketing

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, so loosen that belt and get ready for extra chocolate – and then some. Valentine’s Day, however, is not just about chocolate. It’s a holiday you can use to your marketing advantage no matter what you sell. “Give her what she really wants – a faucet that doesn’t leak.” Maybe you’re a divorce attorney? “Dump the one you loved, to make room for your real love.” I’m only half kidding.

The point is, romance is in the eye of the beholder so don’t limit your message. Here are your Valentine’s tips for a comprehensive marketing campaign no matter what your product or service.

How to Write Sticky Copy for Print and Social Media

Writing copy that is worth reading and sticks to your customer’s brain is important for both digital and print marketing if you want to connect, create relationships, and ultimately convert readers to customers.  But how do you do that?

Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages daily, so having your “sticky message” be the one they post on the wall in their head can be a challenge. Here are some tips to get you started.

Is Your Website’s Value Proposition Doomed to Failure?

How to Raise Your Value Proposition from the Dead. A flashy red button here, a rotating image there, a little video here…cool, right? It has become easier and easier to fancy-up your home page with little to no effort or expertise. This is not necessarily a good thing.

All that fancy footwork merely serves as a distraction, rendering your value proposition DOA and effectively buried; never to be heard from again. Take a look at this simple example from

Integrating Email and Social Media

2010: The Year of the Tiger or the Year of the TweeMail? According to a recent Marketing Trends Survey, emails and social media are “the two top areas of marketing investment in 2010.”1 More than 1000 businesses worldwide claim a “positive economic outlook”2 and half said they are expecting their customers to spend more this year. 89% of the companies are either raising or maintaining their 2010 marketing budgets:1