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15 Customer Care Tips for Responding to the Voice of Your Customer

Capturing the voice of the customer refers to understanding a customer’s expectations, preferences, and dislikes.1Often, there is a disconnect between how a company thinks they are doing, and how they are really doing in the eyes of their customers. Several years ago a Bain & Company survey took a look at how common it is that companies misread their markets.2 Out of the 362 firms, they surveyed 80% felt they were delivering a “superior experience” to their customers. But when customers were interviewed, only 8% of the companies were rated as delivering a superior experience.2

5 Make or Break Poster Design Tips

1. Hierarchy

When you design your poster you need to understand the viewing process and create a design hierarchy based on what is most important. You need to ask yourself questions such as… What is a viewer going to notice first when they look at my design? What is the most important information in this poster? What message am I trying to get across? Is my message easy to understand and remember?

Sweet Spot #15: Do I Make Scents to you?

Have you ever torn out one of those fragrance ads in a magazine to test out a new scent? I know I have.

I do a lot of party planning for my friends and the next one I have coming up is a baby shower for my bestest of all bestest of friends. She’s a paper lover like me, so the usual Evite won’t do; it’s got to be old-fashioned invites sent through the mail! I’m wracking my brain for cool ideas, and an ad for perfume caught my eye… er… nose! Wouldn’t baby powder–scented invitations be so fitting?!

Facebook Marketing – 10 Easy Peasy Tips Businesses Need to Face

As a company you can create a Facebook Fan Page which gives you a platform to interact with, and attract, new customers. Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a community where everyone can post and learn and exchange ideas. The number of people using Facebook is staggering – 400 million plus – which means there is more than something for everyone. If you have a company fan page, but haven’t really developed it yet, here are 10 simple tips to get you going.