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Our Daily Best: Week of Sept. 5th

Everyone loves a short work-week, right? Okay, maybe it just means that we have to squeeze five days worth of tasks into four days. And for those who discovered a significant increase in traffic thanks to the beginning of the school year – our sympathies! Now, on with your regularly scheduled content.


The office was closed so we slept a bit later and spent some quality time with family and friends. Hope your day was rewarding to you.


We kicked of the week with a Tips & Bits that shared some of the secrets of building an online community. The internet has added another dimension to the way we market and knowing how to act in this channel is important to your overall success.


Taking a page from the Do It Yourself Guidebook, The Art of Design provided seven tips on how to create effective marketing and promotional flyers. A lot of this information comes as second nature to an experienced designer, however for those who are newbies, it’s a great foundation.


No one can taking note of the impact colors have on their lives. From the traffic signals that allow us to proceed or pause, to our selection of clothes each morning, color plays an important role in daily life. Graphic Design Roundup takes a look at the way color works in design decisions. This post may give you a reason for choosing the colors you favor most.


Catering to the greedy is the whole point of Free Fridays. So the frenzy continues with all this FREE stuff: Photoshop Actions sets and brush packs, poster making tools, beta of Edge HTML5 animation tool, desktop wallpapers, fonts, icon sets, PSD UI kits and courses from top universities.


Have a weekend filled with fun and fellowship and we’ll catch up with you all on Monday!

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