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Our Daily Best: Week of Sept. 26th

Say goodbye to September and dip your toes into October. The weather is unpredictable and so is the economy. But we’re consistently providing you with marketing ideas and design inspiration. Welcome to another week on the job.



Tips & Bits offers a word of advice for those involved with the building of brands. Brands awareness and loyalty are the goals of most marketers, so here are some practical ideas for those involved in the process.



The Art of Design takes a nostalgic look at letterhead design.  A letterhead serves many roles in the marketing and advertising of businesses. Here’s a look at the way Hotels have been employing them from many years ago.



Graphic Design Roundup explores the interesting design opportunities that are afforded by exclamation points and questions marks. Typography is often in that undefined realm of graphic design and pure artistic design. These symbols are ideal for experimentation.



Photobomb fills your viewfinder with a wide range of topics including business advice, low lighting tips, photowalk tips, B&W tools, 3D photography info, and some soul searching counsel for those who are floundering in their careers. Eye opening material to take in.


Free Fridays supplies your weekly fix of free stuff. Here’s enough to keep you busy all weekend!
Dress Making Patterns, Templates for Bloggers, Stock Photos, Dreamweaver Templates, Brochure Templates, PSD Login Forms, Tech Icons from the 1990s, Textures, PSD Premium and Painting Tutorials, Sticker Templates – ALL FREE! Because we love you!


That’s the full load of advice, inspiration, ideas and FREEBIES! Enjoy and we will be right back here on Monday.

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