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Our Daily Best: Week of Sept. 12th

A decade has passed since the dreadful events of 9-11-01 and many people spent last Sunday commemorating the heroic actions of people in public service and ordinary citizens alike. So many lives were forever changed in so very few historic minutes. We hope that all those who were in need found solace in the outpouring of compassion expressed in ceremonies held throughout the country and on television.


Tips & Bits highlighted three fundamental techniques for sustaining an online community. The time and energy spent nurturing this virtual village is an investment that will pay off in the future. Marketing communications is now a two-way street that calls for sensitivity, commitment and consistency.


The Art of Design arrived bearing many gifts for our cherished designers – everything you need to create Gift Certificates and Gift Cards. You got a generous helping of design ideas, templates, and inspiration. All you have to do is dive in. These items are great for retailers who have customers that are shopping for gifts to give really picky people.


Graphic Design Roundup covered new territory with a quick jaunt through the mind of a designer. The Four Stages of Thinking Like a Designer were brought out into the open so anyone can learn how to ask the right questions, relate, use teamwork and get the job done right. It’s the next best thing to a brain transplant!


Photobomb is back with a bang! We fill your camera bag with ways to add color to B&W, Photoshop compositing tips, how to avoiding flash problems, DIY — build your own camera dolly and tracks, sunset photo tips, the fine art of focus blending, wedding photography, famous photographers share their best advice, and a photographic retrospective of Ground Zero.


Free Fridays feeds your fever with a flock of FREE web design PSD files, web design kits, desktop wallpapers, UI kits, PNG Icons, workflow improvement tools, web templates, Photoshop smoke brushes, classic clip art icons and more. You don’t even have to ask nicely, just git ‘em!


Another week wraps up and you’re off to the flip side of life. Enjoy and be sure to come right back on Monday. We’ll dispense more of the matter you seek.

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