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Our Daily Best: Week of October 10th

A busy week that began with a tip of the sailor’s hat to Christopher Columbus. The world wasn’t flat, but the paper we print on sure is and we’re happy to offer you a wide range of ideas on just what to do with paper and printing and design and marketing. Set sail for a new tide of inspiration and more.



Tips & Bits – Brands are in the spotlight as we explore some of the ways brands reinvent themselves to stay relevant and survive the economic storms that have been responsible for the demise of some of the well-known-names from the past.



The Art of Design – There’s more to the envelope than meets the eye as you’ll discover in this edition. Check out some award winning direct mail packages from Down Under as well as some classic letters from way back in the 20th Century!



Graphic Design Roundup – The differences between boys and girls is the topic for examination when we see how gender affects design. Subtle features can have a big impact on the acceptance of a product or marketing campaign. Designers take note!



Photobomb – our batteries went dead, sorry!


Free Fridays – Free for your clicking pleasure – useful, fun and did we mention – FREE! Web Icons,  Infographic Tools, Font Resources sites, Photoshop Actions, Halloween Wallpapers, Social Media “Hand stamps,” Photoshop Patterns, PSD UI Kit, Famous Brand Logo Fonts, and tools for newbie web designers. Get busy!


Oh my! The month’s half over and we still have a month’s worth of work ahead of us. Everyone go out and recharge this weekend and hit it hard again on Monday! See you then.

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