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Our Daily Best: Week of Nov. 8th

Who doesn’t love cliff notes when you procrastinated all week. Consider “Our Daily Best” as our version of finding out that basically everyone dies in the end of a Shakespeare play.


Karen gave you some ideas on how to integrate social media into your digital marketing mix with Monday’s “Marketing Tips & Bits“.


You got some fresh holiday subject lines for those seasonal marketing emails from Julie on Tuesday’s “The White List“.


This week’s “Graphic Design Roundup“, Mark gave 15 Wonderful links packed full of inspiration, free resources, some Apple, some Google, and 20 beautiful and inspiring brochures to help your business success.


Learn how to monitor your internet self with 40 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools as part of big Rusty’s “The Social Media Sheriff“.


Paul protects your wallet with 10 DIY Photography accessories that will have you shooting like a baller with a hobos salary, with this week’s “Photobomb“.

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